Femconcept Episode September 25, 2015

Femconcept: September 25, 2015

1:11pm - 2:02pm

Eleanor in Montana. Played The Yips, Thee Ahs, Marianne Bel, and Tasseomancy. Talked about the one year anniversary of the Ayotzinapa disappearance in Mexico and the high levels of missing and murdered women in Mexico.

Track Listing:

Let Go
The Yips · The Yips / Organ Eyes Split
Thee Ahs · Names
Notre chant d'amour
Marianne Belt · Lumière
Family Way
Laura Borealis · Funderful
God Damn
Chastity Belt · Fuck Chastity Belt
Alamir Feeling
Woolworm · believe in ourselves
Hard-Boiled Babe
Lizzy Mercier Descloux · Press Color LP
Stay With Me
Date Work · Single
The Grass Harp
Tasseomancy · Palm Wine Revisited