Exquisite Corpse Episode February 10, 2011

BLeeK's further history of alt radio continues.

7:31am - 9:05am

Shi Yi, Shi Yi, Devil's Mountain
Isaiah Ceccarelli, Breviaire d'epuisements, Solo (I), Suite: Ne Suis Pas Encore, Suite: J'écris
The Whitsundays, Saul, You Fell for it
The Black Angels, Phosphene Dream, Sniper
Adrian Belew, Big Electric Cat 10", Big Electric Cat
Micon, v/a Red Spot , Circle of Tragedy
Skabs, Aged to Perfection, Ladies and Gentlemen
Room Nine, V/A Low Life, Voices of a Summer Day
Wall of Voodoo , WeirdPunk L.A., Red Light
Red Wedding, WeirdPunk L.A., Drums
Game Theory , Pointed Accounts of People You Know, I Wanna Get Hit by the Car
Church Police, Church Police, The Oven is My Friend
The Armoury Show , Waiting for the Floods, Castles in Spain
Easterhouse, Contenders, On Your Own
Outcasts, The Punk Singles Collection, Just Another Teenage Rebel
Momus, Monsters of Love, What will Death be Like?,