Duncan's Donuts Episode January 19, 2017

The January 19th, 2017 episode: Winter Waaaaaaste

11:59am - 1:01pm

Big thanks to Music Waste Director Eleanor for chatting with me about Winter Waste, happening tomorrow at Pat's Pub. New tracks from Slam Dunk & Mega Bog. Also, RIP William Onyeabour, a very funky fellow.

Track Listing:

Fantastic Man
William Onyeabour · Who is William Onyeabour?
Fucking Around
Slam Dunk · One Song at a Time
Alien Eyes
Jay Arner · Quarter-Life Crisis
The Mountain
Leon Patriz · Pop Monstrosities
mirepoix · demos
Maneater · Demos
you more
hazy · v.o.
Mega Bog · Happy Together
For a Rainy Day
Yanka Dyagileva · Declassed Elements
Living for a Change
Neo Boys · Sooner or Later
Pledge of Allegiance
Go Team · Archer Come Sparrow
Echuta · Morning Figure When Absolutely Calm
Charme Houblon
Bauchamp · House, Disco, Boogie, and Other Oddities (Easy Bay comp)