Duncan's Donuts Episode May 27, 2010

Broadcast on 27-May-2010

12:00pm - 5:17pm

FYI, for the first 45 minutes, the board in the studio was malfunctioning and we didn't have sound in the right channel. Which is rad. And then I wiggled some random wires and the problem went away.
* Ronnie Dio & The Prophets, Love Potion No. 9
* DâM-FunK, I Hope U Know I'm Watching June
* James Blake, CMYK
* Madvillain, Papermill
* Flying Lotus, Nose Art
* Ratatat, Party With Children
* Silly Kissers, mine u are mine
* Blue Hawaii, Dream Electrixra
* Spring Break, Cuckoo
* Cults, Most Wanted
* Youth Crime, Mean Moe Tucker
* Avi Buffalo, Summer Cum
* Fang Island, Daisy
* Dum Dum Girls, PayForMe
* Sleigh Bells, Straight A's
* Ganglians, my house
* Terror Bird, Shadows in the Halls
* Missy Elliott, Sock It To Me

Track Listing:

Love Potion No. 9
Ronnie Dio & The Prophets · s/t
I Hope U Know I'm Watching June
DâM-FunK · unreleased
James Blake · CMYK
Madvillain · ADULT SWIM Singles
Nose Art
Flying Lotus · Cosmogramm
Party With Children
Ratatat · LP4
mine u are mine
Silly Kissers · Precious Necklace
Dream Electrixra
Blue Hawaii · Blooming Summer
Spring Break · Demo
Most Wanted
Cults · Cults 7"
Mean Moe Tucker
Youth Crime · s/t
Summer Cum
Avi Buffalo · s/t
Fang Island · s/t
Dum Dum Girls · Record Store Day 7"
Straight A's
Sleigh Bells · Treats
my house
Ganglians · Demo
Shadows in the Halls
Terror Bird · New Te
Sock It To Me
Missy Elliott · Supa Dupa Fly