Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 21, 2019

New Jorge Velez, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Thomas Fehlmann and More...

7:54am - 10:55am

Scanner; Sarah Davachi; Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith; Automatisme; Jorge Velez; Ian William Craig; Jessica Moss; Off World; Nervous Operator; Lara Sarkissian;; Matchess; Tim Hecker; Penelope Trappes; Roy Mongomery; Thomas Fehlmann; Deadbeat; Demdike Stare; Cocteau Twins; Peppermoth; ???? ; Puce Mary & Nervous Operator.

Track Listing:

lakes under lakes
scanner · the great crater
underwater lake
scanner · the great crater
strange circles
scanner · the great crater
moving forwards
scanner · the great crater
sarah davachi · gave in rest
tides IV
kaitlyn aurelia smith · tides: music for meditation and yoga
automatisme · momentform accumulations
jorge velez · roman birds
some absolute means
ian william craig · thresholder
fractals (truth 3)
jessica moss · entanglement
choral hatch
off world · I
escape into consciousness
nervous operator · incoherent reflections
tell me, where do the butterflies live?
lara sarkissian · disruptions
grey nebulous distance
matchess · seraphastra
keyed out
tim hecker · konoyo
night hive
penelope trappes · penelope II
roy montgomery · suffuse
parts 1 to 4
thomas fehlmann · 1929 - das jahr babylon
deadbeat · wax poetic for this our great resolve
the stars are moving / bardo thodol
demdike stare · liberation through hearing
cocteau twins · stars and topsoil
peppermoth · glimmer tide
catching rare birds
???? · sekundenschlaf
a feast before the drought
puce mary · the drought
fever dream of el muerto de tijuana
nervous operator · incoherent reflections