Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 19, 2013

Broadcast on 19-Aug-2013

8:00am - 11:00am

pantha du prince & the bell laboratory - quantum (elements of light)
labradford - s (mi media naranja)
deadbeat - elder drum (primordia)
mountains - identical ship (centralia)
ulrich schnauss - i take comfort in your ignorance (a long way to fall)
electroluminescent - stained glass salt mine (measures)
building castles out of matchsticks - falling behind (studios and airplanes)
mount kimbie - sullen ground (cold spring fault less youth)
insideamind - chased and confused (scatterpopia)
boards of canada - collapse (tomorrow's harvest)
teen daze - descipleship (inner mansions)
elsiane - slowbirth (mechanics of emotion)
andy stott - luxury problems (luxury problems)
solar year - seeing the same (waverly)
burial - ashtray wasp (street halo / kindred)
nico - janitor of lunacy (desertshore)
apparat - a violent sky (krieg und frieden)
boundary (ghislain poirier) - long story short (s.t.)
xtg - all that is my own (desertshore - the final report)
equanim - inner space (instrumental language)
gold panda - my father in hong kong 1961 (half of where you live)
blue hawaii - try to be (untogether)
montag - p.i.e.c.e.s. (phases)
austra - home (olympia)
spell - look out (lull)
solar year - magic idea (waverly)
mathew dear - headcage (beams)
river tiber - the star falls (synapses)

Track Listing:

pantha du prince & the bell laboratory · elements of light
labradford · mi media naranja
elder drum
deadbeat · primordia
identical ship
mountains · centralia
i take comfort in your ignorance
ulrich schnauss · a long way to fall
Stained Glass Salt Mine
Electroluminescent · Measures
falling behind
building castles out of matchsticks · studios and airplanes
sullen ground
mount kimbie · cold spring fault less youth
chased and confused
insideamind · scatterpopia
boards of canada · tomorrow's harvest
teen daze · inner mansions
elsiane · mechanics of emotion
seeing the same
solar year · waverly
ashtray wasp
burial · street halo / kindred
janitor of lunacy
nico · desertshore
a violent sky
apparat · krieg und frieden
long story short
boundary (ghislain poirier) · s.t.
all that is my own
xtg · desertshore - the final report
inner space
equanim · instrumental language
my father in hong kong 1961
gold panda · half of where you live
Try To BE
Blue Hawaii · Untogether
montag · phases
Austra · Olympia
Look Out
Spell · Lull
magic idea
solar year · waverly
mathew dear · beams
the star falls
river tiber · synapses