Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 23, 2012

Broadcast on 23-Apr-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

marcus fischer, ookpik, thomas fehlman, eskmo, the field, ulrich schnauss/mark peters, les momies de palerme, eskmo, m83, bvdub, dntl, prophecy sun, paranerd, relative-q, eskmo, heiki, robag wruhme, m83, crownland, sissy, verbrilli sound, freeworm, pete samples, gavin froome, neon indian & trailer trash tracys

Track Listing:

halfway to six
marcus fischer · collected dust
ookpik · light limited
alles, immer
thomas fehlmann · gute luft
eskmo · s.t.
arpeggiated love
the field · looping state of mind
the messiah is falling
ulrich schnauss / mark peters · underrated silence
Je T'aime
Les Momies De Palerme · Brulez Ce Coeur
we have invisible friends
eskmo · s.t.
on a white lake, near a green mountain
m83 · dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts
your loyalty lies long forgotten
various (bvdub) · pop ambient 2012
suddenly is sooner than you think
dntl · life is full of possibilities
Hey Hey Hey
Prophecy Sun · Not For Dogs
vanilla empathy
paranerd · caught your tumble
dredging the river
relative-q · n.a.
eskmo · s.t.
screen door
heiki · paper + sound
robag wruhme · wuzzlebud kk
moon child
m83 · before the dawn heals us
rivers and a canyon
crownland · s.t.
acid cake
sissy · march of the humans
wise up
verbrilli sound · leisure war
vegetation = fuel
freeworm · vegetation = fuel
awkward goodbye
pete samples · an unsent letter
gavin froome · mobile villager
gavin froome · post + beam
i could be a shadow
neon indian · era extraina
trailer trash tracys · ester