Aural Tentacles Episode January 6, 2012

Broadcast on 06-Jan-2012

12:00am - 6:00am

East Indian gems,celtic,Pixies live in Vancouver,Negativeland and more...

Track Listing:

tara holiday · out of ottowa
slapped in the face
m a mcintire · out of ottowa
synaestesia in black
isothermal · out of ottowa
dropping out of school
brad sucks · out of ottowa
old tree
brian simms · out of ottowa
send an angel
henry cyr · out of ottowa
hobos grave
ron leary · folk songs of canada now
save your money
laura barrett · folk
is the life of a man...
wax mannequin · songs
old time mtn dew
henry svec · of
ice worms
jenny omnichord · canada
how we got back 2 the woods
andrew vincent · now
come all ye bold canadians
geoff berner · folk
banks of newfoundland
al tuck · songs
all cats are grey in dark
henry svec · of
cruise keen lawn
el ron maltan · canada
cold black river stream
steph yates · now
is the life of a woman...
andrew sisk · folk songs of canada now