Olivia Dreisinger

Fear tends to expose the best and worst parts of what makes us human. Be it the greed that guides a hoarder’s cart at your…

Growing Room Literary Festival

On the figures that grow out of letting go, on rest, balance and solitude. Disorder talks post-cancellation, from the comfort of our bedrooms.

[Discorder had planned on sitting down with Jessica Johns, managing editor for Room magazine and programming director of Growing Room Literary Festival. Of course, in…

Dee Stacey

I haven’t had a sex education lesson since I was roughly 14 — I don’t remember them well, but I can tell you they weren’t…

PLASMA: One name, many looks

I remember the very first time I went to a queer, underground gig. Nervous, giddy, and with only adrenaline keeping us warm, we peeked down…

Julia Cundari

Reflections on disembodiment: little poems, by Julia Cundari.

The outbreak of Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) has triggered the practice of social distancing, enforced self-isolation, and quarantining around the world. Consequently, Western capitalist cultures are buckling…

Joe Buffalo

Colonialism Skateboards, remodelling, and strength in communal storycrafting.

Joe Buffalo is a pro skateboarder and actor from Maskwacis, Alberta (Samson Cree Nation). As a direct descendant to Pitikwahanapiwiyin (Poundmaker) his first pro model…

Hue Nguyen

Figures that elude containment, shapes that break the tether, textures that wander across the pastures.

The hyperpersonal and the generally relatable are a dialectic that Hue Nguyen expertly balances. Hue is a multidisciplinary artist (and a horse) practicing in Vancouver….

Gil Goletski

Borne of a coy sense of unbothered fun.

If you take life too seriously, you’ll only develop ulcers, skin conditions, and a boring by-the-books existence which ultimately leaves one wanting more. At the…

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You Want It Real


If I Am Only My Thoughts


Real Live Action


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