Same Band, New Scene

“Since we’ve come back from the tour, I don’t know what it is, but I feel like we’ve been playing to different people, playing to new people, and things are opening up a little bit.”


Late Spring

Creativity Through Chaos

“It’s not over until the band leader says it’s over, and that’s not going to be for a long time.”


Lost River Artist

Interrupting Systems

“I think that my role as an artist is to understand where the art exists, even in bureaucratic processes.”




“Here at Discorder, we want you to love (and we do mean “love”) our first five winners and Shindig’s host the same way we do, so get ready to swipe right for the magazine’s very own dating app — Shinder.”


War Baby

Surviving Death Sweats

“[Survival] is a dog at a rescue shelter, and desperation is a dog at the show. It’s gross. This, the album, is so much more important.”


Heroes of Shindig: Part II

Welcome back to our second and final instalment of Heroes of Shindig. Have your toes finally thawed in your rain-soaked socks? Have your resolutions already…


Johnny de Courcy

“Art doesn’t have to be a certain way; it doesn’t have to be perfect. The beautiful thing about making art is you can do whatever…