Illustration by Emma Potter for Discorder Magazine

Write For Discorder!


Want to be a music journalist? Learn about album reviews, live show reviews, and features at weekly drop-in sessions at the Discorder Office every Tuesday in September between 3-5pm!

Drop-in sessions will be hosted by Discorder Editor-In-Chief (and casual sarcasm tutor) Brit Bachmann. Learn the history of the magazine, the basics of the Discorder style guide, and strategies for pitching strong stories. But don’t worry, we’ll get you writing in no time! Attendees will listen to a locally-produced EP or single, and practice writing reviews to accompany them. The Discorder masthead will vote on the most successful reviews, and they will be posted on and promoted as web exclusives.

Writing a review during a drop-in session also counts towards your first writing piece, qualifying you to write columns and features for future issues.

Join Discorder Magazine Tuesdays between 3-5pm starting September 6, and see what we’re all about.

Email for more info, or just swing by.



Illustration by the brilliant Emma Potter for Discorder Magazine, October 2015.