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“We want to see more women in comedy, it’s about making a space for them.”

Real Live Action

Blind Tiger Comedy: Cruise

I feel strange reviewing this show for two reasons: First, I haven’t reviewed a comedy show before, so I’m already in over my head. Second,…

Under Review

Cameron MacLeod

With Icon Of An Orange Juice Container, an instrumental comedy album, Cameron MacLeod strives to be a jack-of-all-content. He is a writer, director, producer and…


Barely Legal Review Feedback

EDITOR’S NOTE: A few of June’s Hot Head submissions are written in response to the Real Live Action review of Barely Legal by Clara Dubber…

Under Review

Retail Nightmares

If you’ve ever worked a regrettable job that left you feeling deflated, frustrated, or lacking in empathy for the human condition than Retail Nightmares is…


White Noise

This February marked two years on air at CiTR for White Noise, the weekly comedy show written and produced by Simon Welton. Hosted by the…


Story Story Lie

As the host of Story Story Lie, Jo Dworschak has created an interactive storytelling game show and radio show that reflects her love of storytelling…


Sophie Buddle

“Silly. Comedian. I sleep a lot during the day. That’s most of my life. Hungry. That sums it up pretty well.” That’s how Vancouver stand-up…


Fringe Festival 2016: Charlatan! Review

Charlatan! Vancouver, Canada Playwright: Travis Bernhardt “This is a game we’ll play called: You’re all in my cult!” So began magician Travis Bernhardt’s Charlatan! I’ve…