The Vampire's Ball Episode June 18, 2011

Broadcast on 18-Jun-2011 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Front Line Assembly · Improvised Electronic Device
Front Line Assembly · Improvised Electronic Device
Dose Responsive
Cyanotic · The Medication Generation
Rust Presses (Cracknation Mix)
DJ? Acucrack · Gears Gone Wild
Nation Down For the Count
The Boyd Rice Experience · Hatesville
Chemical Halo (Drag Strip Download)
Chemlab · Suture
The Birthday Massacre · Pins and Needles
Here Comes the War
New Model Army · Here Comes the War
Here To Go
Devo · Greatest Hits
XVI The Tower
Maqlu · The Maqlu Tarot
Baby's Insane
Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones · The Sporting Life
Silent Hedges
Bauhaus · The Sky's Gone Out
bauhaus · in the flat field
She's In Parties
Bauhaus · Burning From The Inside
Burning from the Inside
Bauhaus · Burning from the Inside
Bruce Gilbert · This Way
Policy of Hypocrisy (Philthy Download Mix)
Left Spine Down · Voltage 2.3: Remixed & Revisited
Billy Idol · Cyberpunk
Bonedance (Katastroslavia Remix)
iVardensphere · Remixes, Vol. 1
What Do You Know, Deutschland?
KMFDM · Retro
Black Out
SKOLD · Anomie
Marilyn Manson · The Golden Age Of Grotesque
Marilyn Manson · Holy Wood: in the Shadow of the Valley of Death
The Death Song
Marilyn Manson · Holy Wood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
Metal (Remix)
Marilyn Manson · Lunchbox
Revelation #9
Marilyn Manson · Get Your Gunn
XIII Death
Maqlu · The Maqlu Tarot
Down to the World (I Know So Well)
Phil Western · 4am
Terror Leads to Better Days
Portion Control · Surface and Be Seen
Torture (Original Full Length Mix)
Psyche · Re-Membering Dwayne
Potions (Deliverance Mix)
Puscifer · C is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here)
Digital Hell
Raggedy Angry · How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords
titanium expose
sonic youth · goo
Skinny Puppy · The Process
Fight Or Flight
16volt · Beating Dead Horses
Are You Out There? (Dornier 17 Mix)
Death In June & Boyd Rice · Alarm Agents
Temples of Death
Deutsch Nepal · The Silent Container
Gentle Death
Excessive Force · Gentle Death
Depeche Mode · A Broken Frame
Download · Sidewinder
Die Form · InHuman