Powerchord Episode June 18, 2005

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

secondary effects
darkane · layer of lies
sign of demise
hateframe · sign of demise
perfect hate
hateframe · sign of demise
revelation of war
speed/kill/hate · acts of insanity
final product
nevermore · this godless endeaver
voracious haemoglobinic syndrome
aborted · archaic abattoir
thread the needle
explosive rage disorder · strong violent type
obituary · frozen in time
eroded liberty
nuclear assault · third world genocide
satans fall
mercyful fate · melissa
black empire
force of evil · black empire
biomechanical · empires of the world
dreams of death
flotsam and jetsam · no place for disgrace
a day for dying
last angry man · last angry man
break the cycle
quo vadis · defiant imagination
why bother?
athiest · piece of time
lamb of god · as the palaces burn
terror ends here
ritual carnage · i infidel
it takes a wolf
soulscar · character assasination
and then there were none
exodus · bonded by blood
riding the snake
testament · the gathering
whine and cheese
nuclear assualt · third world genocide
spirit gun
hezzakya · drug metal