Generation Annihilation Episode January 13, 2007

12:00pm - 1:00am

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Track Listing:

Freak Show
The Lurkers
Sexual Liberation
Les Hatepinks · Sick In The Head
Ivisible Girl
The Tranzmittors
Take This Pill
The Bayonettes · Were Doomed
You Use Me
The Mods · Twenty 2 Months
The Wipers · Is This Real
What A Let Down
The Observers · Public Safety
the Orange And The Black
The Boils · Hickey Anthems
The Pain
Alleged Bricks · Place Your Blame
Bonecrusher · Tomorrow Is Too Late
Major Accident · Massacred Melodies
Carried Out To Sea
Fucked Up · Hidden World
Public Service
Caustic Christ · Lyanthropy
Clasuse 4 Part 4
Assert · Bulletin
The Fix · At The Speed Of Twisted Thought
Right Now
No Allegiance · Mad
Too Late
Appendix · Top Of The Pops
Nothing New
Murder Disco X · Ground Zero Syuttgart
Aaritia · Public Safety
En Lek Ked Kivet
Moving Forward
The Subhumans · NDAP