Generation Annihilation Episode August 12, 2006

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

There's No Power Without Control
Conflict · Rebellion Sucks
Retching Red · Scarlet Whore Of War
Imperial Leather · Antibodies
Sugar To Ashes
Happpy Bastards · Split W/Human Certainty
Je Kar
Gorilla Angreb · S/T
Stuckin this Rut
The Bayonettes · Sour
Fighting Again
Famous Bastards · Anti- State
Missed The Boat
Britts Insurectionsts · Blood Sweat and Apirit
Brick and Stone
Counter Attack · Anti-Disco League
Seasonal Patriot
Far From Finished · Backstreets
Hateful · Diamond Among The Coal
Your Night Driving Toll
Victims · Sivide And Conquer
Everybody Hates Me
tear It Up · Havoc Sampler
Robot Of Impurity
Circle The Wagons · Forbidden To Eat Worms
Gaye Cowboys In Bondage · Silly Discography
Dirty DS · S/T
The Muppets
Fucked Up · Triumph Of Life
People Are The Problem
Mass Grave · People Are The Problem
Dirty BS · S/T
We're Blank
The Regulations · Electric Guitar
Carreer Suicide · S/T
Career Suicde · S/T
Career Suice · S/T