Generation Annihilation Episode July 29, 2006

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Rampage · Tribute To Blitz
Skint · Tribute To Blitz
The Ultimate · Tribute To Blitz
Reazione · Trinute To Blitz
Straight Jacket
The Adicts · The Complete Adicts
Be Like You
Soldier Dolls · Comp end ium
The Blood Of The Innocent
Discharge · Beggining Of The End
Freaks Got Power
Pleasant Valley Children · Welcome To Bedlam Valley
The Black Jesuit
Proudflesh · S/T
We Were Dead
Comple Control · Death Can Wait
Walk The Line
Deadstop · Havoc Sampler
The Honky Problem
Circle The Wagons · Forbidden To Eat Worms
Gunnar Hansen · Studio 7
Punk Rock radio
Britts Insururrectionists · Blood Sweat And Spirit
What Do You Want Me To Do
Pointed Sticks · Waiting For The Real Thing
Nazi Dogs · Chase the Man
sit with me anger
rebel spell · days of rage
Fast Cars
Buzzcocks · In A Differen Kitchen