Generation Annihilation Episode July 22, 2006

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Hurry Up England
Sham 69 · Hurry Up England
Major Accident · Msaacred Melodies
The Gonads · Schiz-Oi!-Phrenia
The Threats · 12 Punk moves
1987 Schtzoid Sam
Impulse Mansluaghter · He Who Laughs Last
The Horns
Disfear · Mianthropic Generation
Stealing From You
Mouth Sewn Shut · Pandemic Solution
Lifeless Zone
The Accused · Oh Martha
Clause 4 Part 4
Assert · Bulletin
Wolf Dog
The Aborted · Wolf Dog
The Destructors · Punk Singles
Crisis · The Gulity Have A Past
Hurling Time
Blyth Power · Anti State
So Much Money
Subhumans · Antistate
Keep Running
Alternate Action · Split
No Surrender
Disipline · Downfall Of The Working Man
Oi Oi Nippon
Bulldog Samurai · Anti Disco League
Police Car
Regulations · Electric Guitar
Transplant Baby
Neon Maniacs · S/T
Wars No Game
Cheap Sex · Written In bLood