Generation Annihilation Episode July 15, 2006

12:00pm - 1:00am

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Track Listing:

Punk no Die
Total Chaos · Patriotic Shock
Kill The Nazis
Total Chaos · Patriotic Shock
Racial Rupture
Total Chaos · Pledge Of Defiance
The End Of White Supremacy
Total Chaos · Patriotic Shock
Final Conflict · The American Scream
Voice Of The Streets
Total Chaos · Anthems From The Alleyway
Boot Party
Total Chaos · Anthems
We Are The Boys
Blitz · All out attack
Advertisemet from hell
Broken Bones · Time For Anger
Kali-fornia Uber Alles
Jello Biafra · Sieg Howdy
Freedom Kills
Total Chaos · Freedom Kills
What ya Gonna Do
Total Chaos · Freedom Kills
4 Minute Warning
Chaos UK · Live In Japan
Da BFG Cee
BFG · Carnival of chaos and carnage
Born In a Big City
Knuclehead · The new Blacklist
(radio edit)
Angels Saints and Heroes · The band that god Hates
4th of July
US Bombs · We Are The Problem
We're not in it to loOse
Bristle · 1984450