Generation Annihilation Episode May 28, 2005

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Mortgage Mentality
The Business · Suburban Rebels
The Straps · The Punk Collection
Drunk Addict
The Blood · False Gestures
Another Dead Soldier
Antipasti · The Last Call
No U Turns
The Partisans · S/T
Goldblade · Rebel Songs
Till The End
Monster Squad · Strength Through Pain
Consider The Alternative
Half Life · Under The Knife
American Song
The Bayonetts · DT Vol 1
Mouthgaurd · House Of Stash
No Death Like It
Social Outcasts · 3 Chords Chaos
Royal Police
DOA · Disco Sucks
Prison State
The Detonators · Live In Hope
Charged For Battle
Fronline Attack · Frontline Attack
Stop Whinning
Brutal Knights · Not Fun
Everybodys Dead Again
Electric Frankenstien · Burn Brigght
Buy Or Die
The Messengers · S/T
Lead Pill
The Observers · Lead Pill
Broken Bones · Time For Justice
Killa Katie
PFS · Sex War
No Order Disorder
INEPSY · City Weapons