Flex Your Head Episode December 9, 2008

4:30pm - 6:00pm

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Track Listing:

Boy And The River
By The Grace Of God · Perspective
All Of Us
Abhinanda · s/t
Started As A Revolution
Eyes Fall Open · The Twenty Year Rebellion
Dumb Until I Die
Margaret Thrasher · Moderate Rock
No System
Hammer Bros. · The Kids Are Dead
Exploding Inevitable
They And The Children · Home
Dressed To Impress
Lay Off · demo
World War Three
Warkrime · Tighten Up
Keep Running
Alternate Action · Thin Line
The Rose
Gehenna 777 · Guardians
Escape Route
Dead And Buried · Bear Witness
I Want To Be Boring
Citizen's Patrol · Dead Children
Strike Back
The Class War Kids · A Strong People Need No Leader
This Moment
Saints Never Surrender · Brutus
No Truce · split w/ Crucified
Poverty Bay Saints · s/t 7"
Dark Towers
Bison BC · Earthbound
Hail The Shrine
Unearth · The March
Worn Thin
Tempest · demo
White Lung · s/t 7"
Time For Change · Memoirs
Vanguard · The Calm
Order Out Of Chaos
Crucified · split w/ No Truce
Nine Lives
Kingdom · Nine Lives
Tore It Apart
Hit The Bricks · demo
Low And Behold
Violation · Devoured
Carpathian · Isolation
Beneath The Crust
Black Breath · Razors To Oblivion
Keep It Alive · demo
The Boatman
Grave Maker · Bury Me At Sea