Flex Your Head Episode August 8, 2006

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

Convenience Kills
Crispus Attucks · Destroy The Teacher
No Faith
E.T.A. · No Faith
Achilles Last Stand · My Precious Decay
Your Life is Red
Victims · Divide and Conquer
They Lie, You Die
Discharge · Beginning of the End
It Takes One To Know One
Career Suicide · Anthology Vol. Two
Follow Conform Repeat
Verse · From Anger and Rage
A New Healing Process
Day Of The Dead · A New Healing Process
Betrayed · Substance
Cathedral Square
Blue Monday · split w/ Go It Alone
Face It
Bad Blood · s/t
Death Is Not Glamorous · Undercurrents
Robot Whales · Vehicle
Giving Up, Giving In
Outbreak · Failure
The Right Hand
Elphaba · Any Land But This
Cancer Bats · Birthing the Giant
Wrestlemania 5: Hulk Hogan vs. Macho Man...
Daggermouth · Stallone
A Death In The Family · This Microscopic War
Listen Up!
Doomriders · Black Thunder
Faint and Fading Out
Fifth Hour Hero · Not Revenge... Just A Vicious Crush.
One for the Road
Learn · Life and...
The Nipples · Weekend Toys
Less Plot, More Blood
My Revenge! · Less Plot, More Blood
Starting to Fall
Mouth Sewn Shut · Pandemic = Solution
Lasdt Barricades
Ad Arma · One Final War
Feisty Snakewoman
Daughters · Hell Songs
Full of Shit
Keep It Up · s/t
Fucked From Birth
Forced March · Take Immediate Action
Parable of the Madman
Living Hell · Pavor Nocturnis
Another Breath · Mill City