Flex Your Head Episode June 21, 2005

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

true love
pointed sticks · perfect youth
The Face of the Killer
Four Letter Word · Like Moths To A Flame
A New Disaster
Straitjacket · Modern Thieves
Good Bye My Friend
Sledgeback · People's Choice
Life In Rewind
Electric Frankenstein · Burn Bright, Burn Fast
The Camera Eye Backbite
Bullet Train To Vegas · We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are
Throwing Bricks
Venera · One Louder
Call To Action
The Brat Attack · From This Beauty Come Chaos and Mayhem
Lowest Common Denominator
Harrow · Fictions of the Master Narrative
Kersey · Bloodshot
Old Money
Cursed · Two
Sotatila · eka demo
Lie To Myself
Fleas And Lice · Recipes For Catastrophes
Never Be the Same
The Escaped · s/t
False Confession
Spinning Heads · Change the Game
Eye For An Eye · Dystans
High Life
Not Enough Gold · Live and Learn
This Golden Phoenix · Is A Fucking Attack Machine
The Great Dinosaurs With Fifties Section
Bear Vs Shark · Terrorhawk
Jolly Roger
Marathon · s/t
Fashion Zombies!
The Aquabats! · Charge!!
All Debts Get Paid
The Ratchets · Heart of Town
Monster (Le Petite Morte)
Dead Letter Dept. · Rock N' Roll Hates You
Blanche Davidian · Attack of the Killer
Shot Baker · Awake
Wasted On the Young
Bane · The Note
The Everything Festival
Blue Monday · Rewritten
Achilles · The Dark Horse
Teddy Roosevelt
Hank Jones · Saturdays of Thunder
If the world has a price, I am a whore
Odyssey · Fighters