Flex Your Head Episode June 14, 2005

6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Track Listing:

To Kill · Watching You Fall
Dead of Winter
Accursed Dawn · Manifest Damnation (The Creation Affect)
We All Fall Down
Egghunt · "Twenty Years of Dischord" comp
Red Ribbon
Whiskey Sunday · Maldecido
Blue in the Face
Cornflames · 197666
Martin Atchet
Modern Life Is War · Witness
Geocities Kitty
Chixdiggit! · Pink Razors
Reaper Calling
Whiskey Rebels · Create or Die
The Boys In Blue
Hard Skin · Same Meat Different Gravy
Guitars and Memories
Folsom · If You're A Viper
Two Week Notice
Brother's Keeper · [Fantasy Killer]
Dear Hometown
Values Intact · Dear Hometown
Isolation Result
Last Priest · We All Failed
The War on Self Esteem
R.AM.B.O. · Bring It!
Spit On
Thirteen Steps · This Is the Reality That We Confront
Deny the Truth
Scalping Screen · ...Blood Out
Through the Eyes of a Dreamer
Walls of Jericho · All Hail the Dead
From Ashes Rise · Nightmares
Avail · 100 Times
Survival Instinct
Die Young · Survival Instinct
Coming of Age
The Legacy · We Gave It Everything
Universal Phenomenon
Backside Disaster · s/t
Follow Your Nose
Not Enough Gold · live and learn
End With An Ellipsis
Bane · The Note
Three F's
The Horde · Join Or Die
The Furthest Place From Here
Sinking Ships · Meridian
One Life, Four Years
No More Fear · A Matter of Choice
Stand Back
Pointing Finger · Best Bruises Collection
Dead Hearts · s/t
Kersey · Bloodshot