Deleted Show Episode September 25, 2006

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Boost Mobile
Aqua Teen Hunger Force · Aqua Teen Hunger Force
If You Want me to Stay
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Freaky Styley
Celebrity Deathmatch
Peeping Tom feat. Kid Koala · Peeping Tom
Tiger Army · Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Basement DC
The French Kicks · Two Thousand
News from the Front
Bad Religion · Punk-o-rama 10
Strung-Out · An American Paradox
Just Another Victim
Helmet and House of Pain · Judgment Night Soundtack
Call the Cops
Dr. Dooom · First Come, First Served
Up and Away
Shady Characters · Contends of the Shade
I Remain Calm
The Roots · Do You Want More???
Sad Ape
Planit · The Whole Process of Things
Full Metal Deal
Planit · The Whole Process of Things
Anything for My Pimp
Morden Hall Madness · The Album
Melanie Flury
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start · Girls' Names