Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 7, 2010

Broadcast on 07-Jun-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

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Track Listing:

andrea is delighted
thomas feldmann · lowflow
100 baume
thomas feldmann · honigpumpe
machinefabriek · weleer
once the stars have been washed from the sky
subtractive lad · life at the end of the world
the breaking of branches
electroluminescent · oban
born never asked
laurie anderson · big science
kammerflimmer kollektief · wildling
ikke lattern men...
under byen · alt er tabt
lamb · fear of fours
blue september blues
microbunny · 49 swans
all tomorrow's parties
velvet underground · velvet underground & nico
boreas borealis
laura gibson/ethan rose · bridge carols
good intentions paving co.
joanna newsom · have one on me
trinity's crying
coco rosie · grey oceans
trace a line
au revoire simone · still night, still light
a story from...
wildbirds and peacedrums · heartscore
caribou · swim
slow signs
heiki · paper + sound
it's all you
kinnie starr · different day
palace of the tiger women
kilimanjaro dark jazz ensemble · n.a.
dosh · tommy
various (vivien goldman) · disco, not disco
violent psalms
frog eyes · paul's tomb: a triumph
the trees grew emotion and died
cold cave · love comes close
aurora borealis
I am the world trade centre · out of the loop
digits · hold it close
salt swimmer
little girls · concept
atlas sound · logos
sweet talk, talk sweet
the new pornographers · together
the xx · xx