Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 17, 2010

Broadcast on 17-May-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

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Track Listing:

when we parted my heart wanted to die pt. 2
james leyland kirby · sadly the future is no longer what it was
oe · permanent transition
fern & robin
loscil · endless falls
currents of electrostasy
tim hecker · an imaginary country
with eternal lids apart
subtractive lad · life at the end of the world
greed, mutation, betrayal
klimek · movies is magic
lay in a shimmer
pantha du prince · black noise
machinefabriek · weleer
do make say think · other truths
perfume tree · feeler
broken faultline
scanner · rockets, unto the edges of edges
making up words
heiki · paper & sound
spool · spool saves the world
bakini (vice versa)
io · little haiti suite
microbunny · 49 swans
all the useless things these hands have made
soso · tinfoil on the windows
elaine short
piekoz · from photograph, rabbit making rust
zoe trio · for the community
rise again
deadbeat · roots & wire
the dog
ian simmonds · the burgenland dubs
the floor
buck 65 · secret house against the world
carnival of souls
minus 8 · beyond beyond
yes / no
2563 · unbalance
clls II