Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 7, 2006

8:00am - 11:00am

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Track Listing:

the end
building castles out of matchsticks · the secret doctrine
The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain
Mono · You Are There
loscil · stases
of all the things created it is you..
love puppets · s.t.
loscil · plume
uchu tanjyo
susumu yokota · sakura
drum and java
jhno · kkno
it is clear that the rain would come
building castles out of matchsticks · studios and airplanes
subtractive lad · suture
number 8 mix
b eno / d byrne · my life in the bush of ghosts
roll over ehrenfeld
various (nonplace urban field) · deutscher funk
dj vadim meets v is for vendetta
fascade @ 137 db · previously deleted scenes
various (shogun kunitoki) · summer and smiles from finland
3rd density blues
sinewave · unity gain
Piece a Pie
Negativland · No Business
this way
psapp · the only thing i ever wanted
mr nichols
coldcut · sound mirrors
i am not kurt schwitters
jim carroll · pools of mercury
perfect vision
montag · alone, not alone
life day
various (sinewave) · fear of a digital planet
that was the day
telefuzz · the finaciers of samsara
don't worry about the government
talking heads · 77
a tune for jack
lemon jelly · lemon jelly ky
a little song
the winston giles orchestra · soundtracks for sunrise
birds on parade
no luck club · prosperity
tiger my friend
psapp · tiger my friend
chase that rainbow
girlsareshort · contactkiss
grow'n my own stone
various (frosty) · barefeat presents
clls 1