Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 2, 2004

8:00am - 11:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

may 6th expires
the beans · bassplayer
my love is a rhinestone
the beans · bassplayer
my indiscreet retreat
various (sparrow orange) · noise factory sampler II
nancy and the girdle boy
various (k.c. accidental) · noise factory sampler II
pretty little lightning paw
thee silver mount reveries · pretty little lightning paw
plant operations · s.t.
hotels et palaces
roselicoeur · drachenhoehle
parks and rec · n.a.m.
i really miss the coast
rodney graham · i'm a noise man
hooray! hooray! hooray!
do make say think · winter hymn country hymn secret hymn
a brush with summer
glider · non-spaces
Loscil · First Narrows
lover's spit
broken social scene · bee hives
west world
valley of the giants · s.t.
red-light camera
hinterland · under the waterline
si tu disais
francoiz breut · vingt a trente mille jours
si tu disais
calexico · convict pool
13 & 14
rodney graham · i'm a noise man
microbunny · deadstars
steven smith
the organ · grab that gun
randy boy
third eye tribe · basement recordings
ich gehe jetzt
einstuerzende neubauten · perpetuum mobile
snake bite
sixtoo · chewing on glass
haute emp
fcs north/scientific american · fcssa
breath contrails
headset · spacesettings
insomniac olympics
blockhead · music by cavelight
end the vietnam war
various (ginsberg/dj spooky) · live without dead time