Aural Tentacles Episode June 1, 2005

6:17am - 6:17am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

riders in the sky
vaugn munroe · sentimental journey vol 1
if i knew
eileen baton · sent journey v 1
little bird
evlyn knight · sent journey 1
tree in the meadow
margaret whiting · s. journey 1
god bull
negativeland · no buisness
good nite irene
gordon jenkins · s journey 1
kid loco · graffitti artist
terasa brewer · s journey
keep your road
katlyn ni donavon · s. journey
the damn insane asylum
the places · mile a hush comp
kind of like spitting · mile
ball game song
blanket music · mile
weaver of dreams
esperanza spalding · sent journey
ray noble · sent journey2
keep rollin
negativeland · no buisness
love somebody
doris day · sent journey2
reclinerland · mile
norfolok & w
martyt brave · mile
i only have eyes 4 u
bobby birdman · sent journey2
lions share
amy anette · mile
kid loco · grafftti artist
shang hai
doris day · sent journey2
my heart cries 4 u
guy mitchell · s.j.2
wish u wre here
eddie fisher · s.j.2
piece of a pie
neg land · no buisness
new is old
neg. land · no buisness
no buisness again
negativeland · n.buisness
how high is the moon
paul les & mary · sj. 2
wheel of fortune
kay starr · sj2
peggy lee · sj2