Aural Tentacles Episode May 11, 2005

12:00am - 6:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

midnite@the undergrnd
baskerviles · lil darla has a treat
robin hood
momus · l d h a t "
bleeding light
aarkitca · l d h a t "
missing the moon
field mice · l d h a t "
master plan
hacker w/ miss kitten · reves mechaniques
interstate 5
wedding present · take foundation
surface to air
chemical brothers · push the button
good morning space girl
anubian lights · phantascope
kung fu fighting
lloyd parks · kung fu
enter the dragon
upsetters · k f "
exit the dragon
':" " · k F "
bettie serveet · atta girl
iron and wine · womanking
there is no nite out in jail
nick cave · b sides
audible · sky signal
36 dance illusuins
kash · beuty is everywhere
snd makes a circle
audible · skysignal
falling back
calif oranges · lil darla has a treat for you
superaquella · lil darla
kobol · l darla
simply to see you
maquiladora · lil darla
colour is the light
jennifer o conner · L darla
nothing to lose
issabelle antenae · L darla
twin evil stars
dead cowboys · L darla
2nd born daughters
the channel · L darla
super zero
linda draper · L darla
crockets theme
manual · L darla
shes a light
magic arrows · L darla
little songs
lullatone · L darla
human afterall
daft punk · human after all