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Exploding Head Movies (2009-2013) (Cinematic)
The Jazz Show (2007 – 2012) (Jazz)
The Vampire Ball (2009-2012) (Eclectic)

Voice of Korea

Canada Post Rock  (Post-Rock/Drone)
Sounds of the City  (Eclectic/Concert Reviews)
Shake A Tail Feather  (Soul and R&B)
CabaRadio  (Cabaret & Burlesque)
Campus Lectures  (Lectures)
Friday Sunrise 
Funk My Life 
Good Morning My Friends 
Inner Journey 
Mantis Cabinet 
Neils Korean Hidden Tracks 
Prof Talk 
Relentlessly Awesome 
Smart People 
Sore Throats Clapping Hands 
Sounds of Africa 
Sticky Fingers 
Sup World? 
Sweet ‘N’ Hot 
The All Canadian Farm Show 
The Rib 
What Pink Sounds Like 
Chips with Everything  (Brit Pop)

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ANoiZE (2011) (Noise)
The Barn Burner (2011) (Rock)
Career Fast Track (2011) (Talk)
Kol Nodedi (2011) (World)
Listener Hour (2011) (Choice)
Mondo Trasho (2011) (Eclectic)
Sweet and Hot (2011) (Jazz)
Third Time’s The Charm (2011) (Rock)
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All Awesome in Your Ears (2010) (Eclectic)
Audio Text (2010) (Talk)
The Canadian Way (2010) (Indie)
Exquisite Corpse (2010) (Experimental)
Hot Mess (2010) (Eclectic)
Hypnotic Groove (2010) (Techno)
In The Cage With Bards (2010) (Talk)
LaughTracks (2010) (Talk)
Life on Jumpstreet (2010) (Dance)
Notes From The Underground (2010) (Electronic)
Rainbow Groove (2010) (Dance)
St. Tropez (2010) (Pop)
This Side of Monday (2010) (Indie)
Throwdown FM (2010) (Hip-Hop)
Wener’s Barbeque (2010) (Sport)
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Caught in the Red (2009) (Rock)
I Like The Scribbles (2009) (Eclectic)
The Broadcast (2009) (Live)
Son of Nite Dreams (2009) (Eclectic)
Stereoscopic Redoubt (2009) (Rock)
These Are The Breaks (2009) (Hip-Hop)
Vengeance is Mine (2009) (Punk)
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And Sometimes Why (2008) (Pop)
Cute Band Alert! (2008) (Indie)
My Science Project (2008) (Talk)
Pedal Revolutionary (2008) (Talk)
Pop Rocks (2008) (Pop)
Raw Radio (2008) (Hip-Hop)
Salario Minimo (2008) (Spanish)(Rock)
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Besneric Rhyme (2007) (Talk)
En Avant La Musique (2007) (World)
Karasu (2007) (Japanese)(Pop)
Lions and Tigers and Bears (2007) (Indie)
Passing Binary (2007) (Dance)
Planet Lovetron (2007) (Dance)
Uncommon Practice (2007) (Classical)
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