Volunteer Departments


Remember- no experience necessary! We welcome relevant backgrounds and experience, but CITR has many forms of training available to support you in new areas of interest as well.

Show Development: Develop and propose a show of your own at CITR. We have a comprehensive, eight step process that will guide you through all elements of the show process including:

  • Technical training
  • Production and Programming training
  • Sitting in on a show
  • Practicing your on-air conversation techniques
  • Filling in on a show
  • Familiarizing yourselves with some of the other areas at the station.

Arts: CITR Arts Director Maegan Thomas and the Arts team cover Vancouver’s creative scene:

  • Interviews with actors, directors, dancers, musicians, writers, and visual artists.
  • Investigate or develop stories, review cultural events, conduct interviews, and flex your technical/production skills.

News: CITR News 101 is Vancouver’s only volunteer-produced, independent, campus and community newscast, broadcasting live from CiTR at UBC. News 101 can be heard Mondays at Fridays, at 5PM, hosted by co-directors Claire Eager and C.J. Mahajan. Investigate or develop stories happening within primarily the UBC campus, cover events and press conferences, and conduct interviews!

Sports: CiTR covers all of the Thunderbirds Sports games that happen throughout the year. Assist with:

  • Colour commentary
  • Conduct interviews
  • Develop your live broadcast and in-studio skills

Production: CiTR produces and broadcasts free advertisements for non-profits, campus clubs, and
student groups. Write scripts for the PSA’s, produce them, and develop station ID’s with the other
members of the production team.

Discorder: Discorder is a monthly magazine, published 10 times per year. Their mandate includes covering,supporting and promoting:

  • independent music
  • arts
  • film
  • literature and culture (focusing
    primarily on Vancouver’s artists.)

Contributors of all skill levels are welcome:

  • writers
  • photographers
  • illustrators
  • copy editors
  • proofreaders
  • fact checkers
  • and most of all, music and arts enthusiasts who love what Vancouver has to offer!

Design: Work on posters and flyers for CiTR events, outreach, and website. Also- develop graphics for the website and promotional materials.

Promotions, Outreach, Events and Fundraising:

  • Tabling/distributing flyers at events and festivals
  • Sourcing new events/festivals for CITR to participate in
  • Developing and maintaining CITR’s social media presence
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Assist in strategic event planning
  • Become involved with Fundrive ( our annual Fundraiser!)

Web Tech: Work with our Tech team, developing content for the CITR website and blog. Additional areas covered may include website architecture and maintenance, in addition to program development.

Live/Remote Broadcasts and Sound: Support our events, live broadcasts and concerts by developing your technical and sound skills. The crew supports both on campus and off-campus broadcasts, such as those we do for events such as the Vancouver Folk Festival.

Music Committee:

  • Ripping and tagging CD’s for the digital library
  • Reviewing music
  • Creating charts!

Programming Commitee: A member and volunteer commitee that reviews new show proposals from

Email Hugo- volunteer@citr.ca with any questions, or if you would like to learn more about an individual department.


  • renee b says:

    Love to volunteer, media, music, great voice and speaking manner. some technical knowledge. Let me know when volunteer info sessions take place. Thanks.

  • small business summit says:

    Christine I don’t think bills are being sent out. Who is it from??


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