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How do we get you to play our stuff?

Mail us your music. Mail us a CD, EP, LP or 7″ to the following address. No CD singles, please. You may include a 1-page info sheet if you like, with a brief description of the band and the album’s release date. Dropping by the station with your album also doesn’t hurt.

CiTR 101.9 FM
Sarah Cordingley
233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

Although we prioritize physical copies, you can submit albums and EPs (at least 4 tracks) digitally by emailing music [at] Send us a download link with 320kbps MP3 format files (a Bandcamp download works best). Be sure to include a link to preview the album and a 1-page info sheet as well. We’re most interested in local releases and releases that are in high demand from our programmers.

Once we receive your album, we will consider adding it to our library. If it is a recent list, we may add it to ‘playlist’, a collection of the newest releases conveniently located in the on-air studio. Programmers are encourage to program bands on playlist, to ensure that we remain current.

Follow up. After you mail us your music, feel free to call or email 1-2 weeks later to make sure we received it, and learn whether we’ve added it to playlist or our music library.

Tracking hours Wednesday 12-3pm

music [at]

604 822 8733

Target your music to specific shows. Take a look at our show descriptions, listen to the podcasts, and figure out which CiTR shows play your type of music. Each show has its own mailbox, and you can mail an album directly to the host of a specific show. If shows include an email address on our website, you can contact them directly, if not send an email to our music director or station manager to forward on to the programmer.

Most of our programmers play digital music on their shows, so if you don’t have a physical copy to send us, or if you only have a single, feel free to email digital music directly to the DJs.

We love playing the new music we get from all over the world! Still, the final decision of what gets played on-air is entirely up to our individual DJs. If you’ve dropped off a CD, talked to our Music Director, and emailed a genre-friendly DJ, you may just have to become more awesome. Trust us, calling every day does not help. You can say “I told you so” when you’re famous!

Please feel free to send us buttons, stickers, posters and other small treats along with your album. If your CD has the name clearly readable on the spine, it will be much less likely to be lost in the piles. Avoid excess packaging, bubble wrap and plastic.

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