On-Air Line
(604) 822-CITR (2487)

CiTR Radio
#233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

(604) 822-9364

News/Arts/Sports Office
(604) 822-5334

CiTR Executive Office
(604) 822-8648

Discorder Magazine

that CiTR magazine

#233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada, V6T 1Z1

(604) 822-3017 ext. 3

Jacey Gibb
editor.discorder [at]
Tues 4-6:00 pm

Art Director
Sves Yeung
artdirector.discorder [at]
Tues 4-6:00 pm

Real Live Action Editor
Robert Catherall
rla.discorder [at]

Under Review Editor
Alex de Boer
underreview.discorder [at]

Web Editor
Marcin Lasinski
webeditor.discorder [at]

Ana Elena Garza
distro.discorder [at]


daily operations

Station Manager
Brenda Grunau
stationmanager [at]
(604) 822-1242
M-F 10:30-5:30 ish

Program Manager
Robin Alam
programming [a]
(604) 822-3017 ext. 4
M-W/F 11-6:00 pm ish, Thurs 1-8 pm

Music Department Manager
Sarah Cordingley
music [at]
(604) 822-8733
Mon – Thurs

Volunteer Manager
Hugo Noriega
volunteer [at]
(604) 822-3017 ext. 3
M-F 10-5 pm

Advertising Coordinator
Ana Elena Garza
(604) 822-3017 ext. 3
advertising [at]
T/W 11-5 pm, Thurs 10-3 pm

Administration Coordinator
Eleanor Wearing
administration [at]
(604) 822-8648

DJ101.9 Coordinator
Jules Andre-Brown
djtraining [at]

Technical Manager
Brad Winter
technicalmanager [at]

Technical Coordinator
Evan Friday
technicalservices [at]
(604) 822-8648

Sponsorship Coordinator
Rohit Joseph
sponsorship [at]
(604) 822-8648

Production Coordinator
Ryan Rosell
psas [at]

Paul Bucci
design [at]

Outreach Coordinator
Yuxi Zhang

Music Submissions Coordinator
Josh Doyon-Gabert

Digital Library Coordinator
Andy Resto
digitallibrary [at]

Digital Library Coord 2
Peter Doolin
digitallibrary2 [at]

Sports Coordinator
C.J. Pentland

Student Exec

governance, special events and projects

Eleanor Wearing
president [at]

Vice President 
Jonathan Kew
vp [at]

Business Manager
Chloe Hoy
businessmanager [at]

Corina Bizim
secretary [at]

Promotions Director
Nellie Stark
promotions [at]

Discorder Liason
Josh Gabert-Doyon
Promotions.Discorder [at]

Volunteer Director
Jane McCulloch
volunteer.exec [at]

Programming Director
Andrew Arasimowicz
programming.exec [at]

Music Director
Erik Coates
music.exec [at]
(email music [at] for tracking)

Events Director
Shea McConkey
eventcoordinator [at]

New Media Coordinator
Natalie Hoy
newmedia [at]

Leadership Volunteers

Arts Director
Sarah Lapsley
arts [at]

News Directors
Morgan Yee
news [at]

Sports Director
Jason Wang
sports [at]

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