Access and Diversity

As a campus and community-based radio station (serving both the UBC communities and those of greater Vancouver), CiTR works to foster and sustain a safe and inclusive environment for our members, volunteers, guests and supporters. We reflect the UBC campus, the city, and the multicultural/multiracial nature of both, and honour an inclusive, healthy and dynamic society in which each person, regardless of background, experience or circumstance, is able to participate and benefit in varying capacities.

In valuing diversity, we recognize differences as assets to the station. We will not discriminate, or tolerate discrimination in our environment based on any of the following:

  • Culture or language preference
  • Race or ethnocultural community
  • Gender identity
  • Class
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Spirituality or ideological belief systems
  • Mental or physical abilities

We are strongly committed to diversity and social inclusion at CiTR:

Diversity exists when every individual and all communities are able to access, participate in and benefit fully from programs at CiTR. Diversity is valued when the diversity of people and communities are regarded as assets and their contribution to the social, political and cultural enrichment of the station is recognized.

Social inclusion ensures that diverse communities share in power, give voice effectively to their issues, are involved in decision-making processes and have fair access to information and services. Inclusion is also promoted by challenging specific forms of exclusion including systemic barriers.

Through this commitment, CiTR can leverage our society’s similarities and differences as it strives to continue to operate as an open, inclusive and progressive organization.

We always welcome feedback and input from our community members and supporters. If you don’t see a particular group being represented and would like to reach out or offer suggestions or contributions of any kind- please contact us:

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